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Why Choose a Gas Fireplace Insert?

  • Improved Ambiance. A gas insert adds warm comfort to a room. We have options that can be enjoyed year-round.

  • Energy Efficiency. Reduce heating costs while adding a beautiful focus piece to any room.

  • Zone Heating. Solve your heating problems and save energy!

  • Usability & Convenience. A fireplace doesn’t have to be work! Gas inserts eliminate the work so you can enjoy your fireplace at the touch of a button.

Why Choose a Wood Fireplace Insert?

  • Energy Efficient! We have fireplaces that will heat for 8 hours on a single load. Same hundreds on energy bills.

  • Eliminate Fireplace Drafts. Wood-burning inserts virtually eliminate fireplace drafts.

  • Hassle-free Enjoyment. Modern wood-burning inserts are easy to use and have a fast start. Plus, they burn for hours, eliminating the hassle of trying to keep the fire going.

  • Solutions for Every Budget. We have solutions that meet the need of nearly any budget.

Why Choose Vent-Free Gas Logs?

  • The warmth and charm of a wood fire without the need for venting your fireplace.

  • Fireside Hearth & Patio has Real Fyre Vent-Free gas log systems available in a wide variety of beautifully hand-crafted, detailed logs – as well as many contemporary glass fire styles.

  • Most feature glowing embers and active natural flames designed to magnify the beauty and appearance of your hearth.


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